Catherine Hunter · Fiction

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Lorelei Good, a con artist posing as a psychic, relies on her teenage sister, Nixie, for behind-the-scenes help to make her seances seem real. Her act is so good she has convinced her wealthiest clients to invest in an expensive psychic research centre she claims to be building. But just as she is poised to cash in on this scheme, a rival psychic turns up murdered, her past crimes come back to haunt her, and she discovers there is more at stake in this game than she ever suspected.

“…an excellent psychological suspense novel with plenty of great characters and a terrific, tight plot.”

Margaret Canon

The Globe and Mail

“…the over-the-top antics of these sisters-in-crime, relayed in Catherine Hunter's irreverent style (with a smirk behind the serious facade), will keep you turning the pages as you laugh.”

Prairie Fire

“[The con artists'] scheme is elaborate, and Hunter does a masterful job with the intricacies of it. The means to achieve the end are subtle but effective, the moment of revelation both astonishing and compelling.”

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