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Members of the bookclub at the Mystery Au Lait Café are getting nervous as events from their favourite books, the Midnight Mystery Series, start to come true, right in their own quiet neighbourhood. But nobody wants to stop reading. For Sarah, the novels are an escape from her tragic memories. For her cousin Morgan, they're a cheap thrill. And for their friend Alfred, the publisher, they're a gold mine. As Alfred continues to release the books to greater and greater acclaim, the popularity of their reclusive author soars – and so does the body count.

“The masterful opening sequence of this cozy-thriller is exquisitely scary and will have you cheering for Sarah…. Catherine Hunter is one to watch.”

Mystery Scene U.S.A.

“Catherine Hunter, one of Canada's finest poets, weaves an intricate and compelling story that is subversive, frightening, and wildly entertaining.”

John K. Samson of The Weakerthans

“I liked so many things about The Dead of Midnight, it's hard to figure out where to start”

Mystery News U.S.A.

The Dead of Midnight book cover





Also available in German as Tod um Mitternacht (see page 8)