Catherine Hunter · Fiction

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Kelly Quirk, a young costume designer, was devastated by the suicide of her husband, James, a gifted artist. Now, over a year later, strange events suggests he may be haunting her. The disappearance of his favourite art works and belongings, disturbing phone calls, and shadows at the window, all give Kelly the chills. When a more earthly danger threatens her beloved nephew Alex, Kelly flees with the little boy to Minneapolis, posing as his mother. There, she works on costumes for a production of Hamlet and tries to remain anonymous. But when strange events again begin to plague her, she realizes she hasn't run far enough away.

“If you have something else you have to do in the next few hours, don’t you dare pick up Catherine Hunter’s Where Shadows Burn. If, however, you seek to lose yourself in a compelling and well-crafted thriller peopled with characters so real they might live around the corner from you, don’t waste another minute: find a copy right away.”

Room of One's Own

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Also available in German as Die Masken des Todes (see page 9).